About Jarre Technologies

The heart of Jarre Technologies beats to the fusion of contemporary design and innovative technology. In 2005 Jean-Michel Jarre, pioneer of electronic music, composer, sound-designer and performer met Roland Caville, a successful and experimental entrepreneur.

Through their love of uncompromising musical quality and cutting edge technology Jarre Technologies was born. It is the dedication to innovation and design that makes Jarre Technologies’ hi-tech products the ultimate aesthetic companion to a virtuoso lifestyle.

Jarre’s design by emotion captivates listeners with products researched and styled to inspire a modern connection with the musical experience.

Design by emotion

AeroSystem One® is the result of four years research and development by Jean-Michel Jarre and his team of sound engineers.

Unlike traditional audio systems, AeroSystem One, has an integrated electronic circuit for signal processing which has been specially designed to simultaneously reproduce both the base and treble lines with optimum precision.

A new acoustic reference

Designed and developed by Jean-Michel Jarre and his team, the AeroSystem One offers music enthusiasts the highest quality, purest and most powerful sound possible.

From its conception AeroSystem One is made from innovative materials and technologies in order to ensure that the final product is at the forefront of design.

After two years of research, in September 2011, the brand presented AeroDream One, completely conceived and designed in France. This dock for an iPad/iPhone is the most powerful loudspeaker in the world: 3.40m high, 395 kg and 15, 000 watts!

This creation, its structure similar to a totem, symbolic of the message that Jean-Michel Jarre wants to send to the whole music industry: recreate emotion and bring back impeccable sound quality.

Since, the brand has been developing unforgettable products (Smartphone compatible) due to both their design and their sound quality: AeroSkull, AeroTwist, AeroBull

A Marriage between technological innovation and luxury:

In keeping with his philosophy, Jean-Michel Jarre also would like to collaborate with prestigious brands to create unique collections.

This is following a meeting that marks their first collaboration with the renowned French brand, Lalique. Conceived from the design of the Aerosystem One, the glass will be replaced by Lalique’s famous crystal in order to transform the audio system into an exceptional collector’s item.