A trick to improve the Bass

Did you know you could improve your speakers’ bass performance with this simple trick?

Sometimes tweaking a small detail can drastically improve your listening experience. Since some of our speakers ship with a subwoofer pointing at the opposite side of the mid range, we thought it would be a great idea for you to learn more about how to maximize the performance of the bass with a simple trick.

So where to start?

First of all, let’s understand what a subwoofer actually is and what it does. Well, to describe it in a very simple way, the subwoofer is where most of the low frequencies (bass sounds) come from. It is that part of the speaker that makes the “Boom Boom” sound louder and bolder, and generates the strongest vibrations, the ones that make your coffee table shake and your neighbors complain when the music is too loud. In our products, the subwoofer is the products’ largest speaker and is usually located on the back of the device.

So what is the trick?

Well, it will neither please your coffee table or your neighbour when the music is too loud, but you will have a chance to experience more lower frequencies at lower volumes. Basically, this means that you will be able to hear some of the instruments better and more distinctly when played at lower frequencies.

The trick to getting a better listening experience all comes down to where you place the product. In order to hear more bass, you should place the back of the speaker close to a wall, or in a corner. In this way, using wave reflection you will be able to have a better sound experience.

If you would like to learn more about Subwoofer, Frequencies and Sound Wave reflections below are a few useful links from a Google search just to get you started.

Subwoofer – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subwoofer
Sound Wave Reflection – http://amrita.olabs.co.in/?sub=1&brch=1&sim=1&cnt=1
Frequencies by instrument – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_acoustics

This tip applies to the following Jarre Technologies products

AeroSkull HD + http://jarre.com/speakers/aeroskull-hd
AeroBull HD http://jarre.com/speakers/aerobull
AeroSkull XS + http://jarre.com/speakers/aerobull
AeroSkull Nano http://jarre.com/speakers/aeroskull-nano

Did you know our products support stereo wireless?

What is stereo wireless?

Here is a feature you may or may not know about some of our Jarre products. It’s the stereo wireless feature; also known as the True Wireless. Due to popular demand, we want to take some time out and explain how this can really help in improving your music experience! This unique feature enables two speakers to create a left and right channel… wirelessly! Intrigued? Read on: True Wireless technology was developed by CSR and enables both left and right stereo channels to operate simultaneously via bluetooth. You can find more information about it on the CSR website.

Before diving deeper into the awesomeness of stereo wireless technology, let us start from the beginning and understand what a stereo channel really is. Say you own two Jarre speakers, position one to your extreme right and the other to your extreme left. Enabling stereo channel will create two independent audio signal channels which then initiates a special relationship among each other to provide a desirable music experience. We call this a stereo effect.

In the past this was achievable with the help of cables and audio equipments. However, this can now be done wirelessly, leaving behind those complicated equipments and long cables. All you need to do is to connect one of your speakers to your audio device (such as iPad, PC or mobile phone) via bluetooth and activate the stereo wireless mode with your second speaker. You will hear an audio feedback to confirm that the stereo wireless mode has been activated. Another way to ensure this is to play your music. If you can hear the audio coming from both the speakers, you are good to go!

To enable stereo wireless, take the following steps:

  1. Power one speaker first (i.e. plug in the power)
  2. Pair the Bluetooth device of your preference to the speaker and wait for the jingle “device connected”
  3. Put the speaker into “left channel mode” by holding down at the same time for about 3 seconds the Volume down and Power buttons until you hear the jingle “left channel”
  4. Power on the other speaker (i.e. plug in the power)
  5. Put the speaker into “right channel mode” by holding down at the same time for about 3 seconds the Volume up and Power buttons until you hear the jingle “right channel”
  6. Wait a few seconds for the jingle “device connected”

To disable stereo wireless, take the following steps:

  1. Unpair the Bluetooth device from the speaker
  2. Press volume up and volume down buttons on both devices for about 3 seconds until you hear the jingle “True Wireless Off”

You can also visit the FAQ section of our website to learn more about activating stereo wireless on your product.

Here’s a list of our Jarre Products that support stereo wireless technology:

You don’t necessarily need to have two exact same products to activate the stereo wireless feature but we do recommend you to do so. Using speakers of the same model will keep a similar level of audio performance.



Lossless Streaming

Did you know our products support lossless streaming?

Jarre Technologies has one thing in mind and that is to stay on top of the game when it comes to technology. We all agreed that lossless streaming was the way to go! As the name suggests, this technology helps streaming music without any loss of data, in return providing a seamless music experience.

It all happens when streaming the audio from your phone/tablet  to the speaker. In most cases the audio gets first compressed and then sent over to the speaker. During this compression process there would most likely be data loss.

Our products benefit from a technology (APTX) that avoids this type of data loss. While streaming from your phone to our speaker, data loss will be minimised by the APTX codec, making sure the quality of the audio streamed through our device is up to our standards.

The aptX is basically a two-way deal. You will need both devices to support aptX in order to be able to benefit of lossless streaming. Firstly, you will need your phone, tablet or any other streaming device to support aptX codec. Then you will need one of our speakers that supports aptX.

Does my phone support aptX?

Well, this is up to you to find out. We spent some time to put together a few links to the list of devices that support lossless streaming (APTX codec).

How do i know that my Jarre Technologies product supports Lossless streaming?

Look for the aptX logo on the packaging of your product in order to find out if it is supported.
Anyway, here below is a list of Jarre Technologies products that support the aptX:

AeroSkull HD + http://jarre.com/products/jarre-technologies/aeroskull-hd
AeroBull HD http://jarre.com/products/jarre-technologies/aerobull
AeroSkull XS + http://jarre.com/products/jarre-technologies/aerobull
AeroTwist http://jarre.com/products/jarre-technologies/aerotwist

This is cool! Where can I read more about this?

We Googled some interesting articles, so you don’t have to!

Lossless compression


What Lossless File Formats Are & Why You Shouldn’t Convert Lossy to Lossless: http://www.howtogeek.com/142174/what-lossless-file-formats-are-why-you-shouldnt-convert-lossy-to-lossless/
Audio file format: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_file_format

aptX logo

Jean Michel Jarre Electronica Volume One (trailer)

Here is Electronica Volume One (trailer) by Jean Michel Jarre. The trailer is coming at the verge of the launch of Jean Michel new Album.

Electronica Volume One: The Time Machine, is a list of tracks which come from the collaboration between Jarre himself and other artists that share his same vision for music. The new album features 16 different collaborations with many world wide relevant artists. This album comes about 8 years apart from Jarre’s last album Oxygène: New Master Recording.


Pre Order

Pre-orders of the limited edition Fan Box is available here: Pre-Order Limited Fan Box

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More info about Jean Michel Jarre and his new album is available on his website. http://jeanmicheljarre.com/

If you wish to receive more updates about Jean Michel Jarre follow his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jeanmicheljarre

Jarre Technologies FCC Charity Ball Hong Kong November 1st 2014

In partnership with Sennheiser, Jarre Technologies featured at this years Foreign Correspondent’s Club (FCC) Charity Ball Event in Hong Kong. With a performance by the Jacksons and benefitting charities throughout Hong Kong, Jarre was proud to contribute an AeroBull as a prize to one of the winners of the Raffle Draw.

Jean Michel Jarre receives award for innovation from Xperia and Q magazine October 22nd 2014

Jarre Technologies is excited to announce that our co-founder has been awarded the “Innovation in Sound” award by Q magazine at the Xperia Access Q awards. In his interview, Jarre touched upon his belief that all innovative artists today are communicating the same emotions throughout history, but today’s tools and technologies are bringing music forward – a belief we strive to live by at Jarre Technologies. Other guests at the awards included Ed Sheeran, Boy George, Pink Floyd and Sam Smith.

IFA September 5-10th 2014

For 5 days in September, Jarre was privileged to be amongst the leaders in the field of consumer electronics and home appliances at the number one trade show for the industry, IFA. Jarre technologies stand made an impression on casual consumers and electronic enthusiasts alike, showcasing our technological innovation and outstanding design.

Jarre at Selfridges

Jarre Technologies stand at Selfridges London flagship store continues to make an impression, listening is believing so swing by and witness the outstanding combination of design and technological research that defines Jarre Technologies.