How can I clean my speaker?

You can clean the speaker by using a humid soft cloth. DO NOT use chemicals! Use of chemicals may damage the product permanently and will void the warranty.

My AeroSkull Nano is not turning on, why?

Make sure you take the following steps.

  • Fully charge the product. For the first change make sure you charge it for about 12 hours
  • Press and hold the ON/OFF button located at the back of the product for about 2 seconds.

If you still have issues please contact our support via website.

My AeroSkull Nano doesn’t turn on after it wasn’t used for a while

If your AeroSkull Nano doesn’t turn on, you may need to perform a slow or extended charge of the battery. To do so, please try plugging/unplugging the charging cable a few times every 5 seconds or so, then leave it charging for a couple of hours.

If the procedure above doesn’t work, please contact our support via website.