How can I control the volume of my AeroSystem One without the remote control?

You can control the volume of the AeroSystem One using the button located at the top of the speaker.

Volume Down – Press and Hold the button on top of your AeroSystem ONE this will decrease the volume.

Volume Up – Press and Hold the button on top of the AeroSystem ONE, this will initiate the Volume Down, release the button and immediately repeat the same action, this will increase the volume.

The remote control of my AeroSystem One has ceased functioning or has been lost

Unfortunately, we no longer carry spare units of the remote control for replacement or sale. However, the original infrared codes (which you can import into an app in order to transfer them to a physical universal remote of your choice) can be obtained as described below.

OPTION A (Using the Anymote app for Android or iOS):

  1. Download AnyMote from the Google or Apple Store: or Notes: *Android version requires an Android device with IR port **iOS version requires external infrared module
  2. Download AeroSystemOne.amsr and copy the file to your Android SD card, making sure that you remember the location where you have saved the file.
  3. Open the AnyMote app and go to settings (top-right icon)
  4. Choose “Import remote form file”
  5. Go to the folder/location where you have saved the file, and select it
  6. Choose “Import”

After going through the steps above, all of the buttons of your AeroSystem One remote are shown on the screen of the app. You can also customize the app’s layout (custom remote) to make it look like a proper remote controlReferences and further support :

OPTION B (Using your own/custom infrared solution):

Besides the Anymore-Compatible solution, you can also try to use the raw infrared command codes with your custom automation or control of choice. Download the raw codes by right clicking the link below and “saving file as”:

This option will require additional technical knowledge from your side in order to import the raw codes into other types of apps or home automation systems. Please notice that Jarre Technologies cannot provide support on this regards.


How can I clean my speaker?

You can clean the speaker by using a humid soft cloth. DO NOT use chemicals! Use of chemicals may damage the product permanently and will void the warranty.